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To my husband,

To me, this day marks the luckiest day in my life. The day you were born. Happy birthday Shinji.
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How does one make a ghost dinosaur as a cake? I don't even...But that's what Tobu wants for his birthday. And I really cannot say no. I scared my little man in the kitchen today. There was a minor stove fire...but he stared screaming and crying, and it took me the better half of the day to calm him down. He was only a year and some months when his mother died in the fire I saved him from, but I guess trauma like that can stick. He thought I was going to die. I took the rest of the day off to be with him, just to reassure him I was fine, but...

I don't know...should I get him into a therapist? Or is this normal?


Aug. 28th, 2015 08:36 pm
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Hey, Akira, sorry I missed your party. I had to go home for a few days. My mom fell, but luckily, the injury isn't serious. Still, I owe you. Come over sometime and I'll make you all your favorite foods.
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Tobu had a ton of fun at the Tanabata festival this week. He wouldn't tell me what he wished for, but knowing him, he'll probably tell me eventually. For Umi no Hi he wants to have a picnic on the beach and eat watermelon. He says the kids at school talked about things like that, and that he wanted to do what everyone else was doing. Since this is his first year in Japan, I sort of want to do everything, too. Maybe we should plan a vacation for Obon, on top of going to the shrine.

I made a wish for Tanabata as well. But, like Tobu, it's a secret.
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Shinji is starting to feel better, Tobu has completely bounced back, and I survived unscatched. Maybe it's all the herbs and spices I use in my cooking! Tobu has become so attached to Shinji, I'm getting a little jealous! He tells me that Shinji needs taken care of, and that he'll do it when I'm busy! Can you believe this kid? My mother has been asking when I plan to settle down. Nevermind I kind of have...Shinji and I haven't been dating that long. And what does she say to me? "But you've known him forever!" As if that is a good reason to jump head first and possibly scare my boyfriend away.

It's Quiet

Mar. 27th, 2015 05:50 pm
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With Shinji not here, it's very quiet. Tobu is only really talkative when he has Shinji to bounce conversations off of. Not that he doesn't talk to me....he just really talks a lot to Shinji! And once the kiddo goes to bed, it gets deathly quiet. It didn't take long for Shinji to make his place here, and not having him here to fill the silence is a little lonely. I really hope Akira is taking good care of you, Shinji. Since he did send everyone into a panic with that fiasco.

I have been working on some new recipes, and Tobu seems to be happy. He likes to try new food, which is a relief, because I'm never cooking the same thing. If he were a picky eater, I would be lost! He's pretty attached at my hip right now. There aren't really any kids at our apartment complex for him to play with, so he gets pretty lonely. It's been hard to find someone willing to set up play dates, and the ones that offered fell through. I have to get him socializing now, because he's going to have some difficulties down the line for being half, and I want to help him deal with that now. I never want him to think that he's any less than anyone else.

Besides loneliness and cooking, there hasn't been much going on, unfortunately.
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What would be your ideal romantic evening?

That's an interesting question! I guess it would start with a nice dinner. And then we would go to the highest point in the city and stargaze. After that, curling up on the couch for a movie, and then.....well, making lots of noise all night long.

The Dare Game:

If you would like to take part, please abide by these simple rules.
1) Comment to this post with whether you would like me to dare you or if you would like a 'truth' instead. I will be willing to ask you a question if you are unwilling to preform a dare.
2) You will have 7 days to carry out your dare in a public fashion. If it is a truth you must post the answer in your own blog.
3) You must post this in your own journal so that I, and others, can comment and have you dare us in return.
4) If you comment you -must- carry out the dare/truth you are given. Otherwise you will be punished. You will have to preform a forfeit so horrifying that it is in your best interest to rise to the challenge~

From Akira

Feb. 22nd, 2015 04:03 pm
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What's the weirdest thing you've ever done in public?

I meant to make a separate post, but the weirdest thing I've ever done was carry a penis shrine for Kanamara Matsuri wearing only a fundoshi, but it was for a good cause!
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That's how long until Tobu arrives at Narita. I'm so excited. I can't wait to hug him and have him be home. Since his birth mother was Japanese, citizenship is going to be an easier thing to obtain. Thank goodness. I just can't wait. I've missed him so much. My boss even says it's okay to have Tobu with me at work while he's transitioning and getting used to Japan. I count myself as a very lucky man.
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Heading off on a trip with Shinji and Akira soon, but I wanted to post this before I went. Thanks to Akira, Tobu will be coming home in the next two weeks. The process happens so much faster with money, it's a little infuriating...still, I can't wait. I skyped with him the other day and he's so happy. He can't wait. He's really excited to meet Shinji. I've already set up his room, so all that's left is to pick him up when he arrives. Akira, I cannot thank you enough. This means the world to me.
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I feel very fortunate that I was able to see the first sunrise with someone very important to me...and now we're heading off to the shrine. I'm glad that Basil is closed for the holiday, because I'm going to be really tired when we get back...but it was worth it. Absolutely worth it.
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I guess it was too much to ask for the nightmares to go away for Christmas. They are still so vivid and I relive the day for hours after I wake up. I just hope I didn't wake Shinji.
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I forgot how cold Japan can get in the winter. I've spent so long in Africa that I've become pretty used to the heat, but this cold stuff is going to take re-acclimating to. I've barely unpacked and I start my new job tomorrow. I've only been in this apartment a few days and it's already so dirty just from unpacking! But I'll miss Africa. The missionary work I did there was amazing. I was able to help them set up fresh water systems and learn how to preserve food, and they taught me so much in return. I'll miss them all, but it will be nice to be able to see my old friends from home. It looks like I missed a lot. Do you still remember me, Senri? How are you doing? Shinji, Akira, you're both okay, right?


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